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He was at the forefront of new printing technologies, with his pen, ink and watercolour illustrations ideally suited for the new techniques of reproducing illustrations as photographic plates rather than engravings.

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Lewis and J. His illustrations for many of our best-loved fairy tales and fables have become definitive. The artistic techniques employed by Rackham and the printing technology of the early 20th century. The World Treasury of Fairy Tales and Folklore is a stunning collection of fairy tales from around the world, compiled by Prof. Introductions and notes by fairy-tale experts Rose Williamson and Joanna Gilar help build a deeper understanding of beloved stories. The collection is laid out into five sections.

The first, Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Tales , contains stories from the earliest days of the genre which began to define the style of what we now consider to be fairy tales.

Fairy Tale Feasts

The second section on Eighteenth-Century Tales contains tales which were authored or translated amidst a great wave of popularity for fairy tales and tales of wonder. On the heels of the authors such as Charles Perrault, Europe began to devour tales. The Arabian Nights helped to fulfil this need, offering tales of alien other lands, both magical and real.

Next, we explore Nineteenth-Century Folktale Collections , which peeks into the folktale fever that came over scholars during this era. The tales in this section showcase stories anthologised by collectors who sought to preserve them for the future as markers of regional and national folk culture. The Nineteenth-Century Literary Fairy Tales represent the simultaneous trend of fairy-tale authorship which happened alongside folktale collecting. Inspired by tale collections, writers such as Hans Christian Andersen and Oscar Wilde began to pen their own stories which took their place on the bookshelf next to the collections by the Grimms and Joseph Jacobs.

Finally, the section on Twentieth-Century Folktale Collections returns to tales which have been, in some sense, maintained as collectors heard them. More of these folktales originated outside Europe, demonstrating a desire on the part of collectors and readers to hear global tales from all corners of the Earth. Richly illustrated by Fausto Bianchi, this treasury of tales will be an essential addition to all family libraries. A graph of folktales in Sussex and the South Downs. Ghost stories are the most popular folktale across Sussex and the South Downs.

Sunken bell stories make a close second, although this is partly because, around Alfoldean, one sunken bell story has been claimed by several surrounding villages. The South Downs National Park is particularly full of ghosts and buried treasure, with witches and fairies following a close second. The South Downs National Park had the most folktales, with 63 folk tales listed on the map, as well as 36 events marked on the folklore calendar, nine of which are still celebrated today.

The folktales are distributed very evenly between West Sussex 52 and East Sussex East Sussex has a few more events on its folklore calendar 35 , including nine that are still celebrated. Brighton, in particular, is a hotbed of folklore.

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West Sussex has 30 events on the folklore calendar, of which seven are still celebrated. All our newsletters are available on Issuu. Click on the Jun-Jul newsletter to find out about our upcoming events, links to videos of all the Wonderlands symposium panels, and a breakdown of statistics from our map of folklore. Click on the above link to download a free interactive map pdf of folklore in Sussex and the South Downs. Zoom in and click on the map icons to be taken to stories, and click on stories to be taken to their place on the map they normally appear in the top left.

Some Sources and Roots of French Tales

NB: Please download the map and open in Acrobat as the hyperlinks do not seem to work as well in the browser. If you know of any tales that are missing from the map, or if you know a different version of one, please do let us know at h. While great claims have been for the value of this new collection of tales, fairy-tale expert and Sussex Centre Advisory Board Member Professor Jack Zipes urges caution.

Nothing to get excited about, just as there is nothing to get excited about in the more recent example provided in The Guardian. They also include raw dialect versions with their translations. There is also the question of artistic value. Many of the European folklorists like the Grimms, had a great artistic sensibility. To varying degrees, the best 19th-century European folklorists shaped the raw quality of the takes to make them more effective in print. They also provided notes and provided dialect versions side-by-side with their raw translated versions in high German, French, Italian, etc.

It may turn out that this drop may taste better than other collections. Tuesday 25 February, Cloisters University of Chichester 5. Tolkien made fantasy mass-market in the s. By doing so he consigned a pre-existing fantasy tradition in the USA, not to oblivion, but to the fringes. Fans know about its great authors — Leiber, de Camp, Anderson, Davidson, Vance — but the wider world of films and TV series has passed them by. This is our loss, for the American tradition was and is distinctive, imaginative, and above all funny. This talk will survey it, and make recommendations for unfamiliar but entertaining reading.

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