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So how does one become great? How do you close the deal faster than anyone else? We recently caught up with Cardone, who shared with us 20 qualities that he thinks set great sales people apart from everyone else.

Great sales people are building a business, not just trying to make a sale. When you think beyond a sale, you're going to get other people's attention much more easily.

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  • 1. Create Relationships Not Sales.

They're going to be more interested in what you have to say. You want something that's going to survive beyond one sale. They build their businesses one customer at a time and then always leverage the last customer into more customers. Don't ever just make a sale and forget about that client.

The last sale you make should always open the door to new relationships and clients. Great sales people always ask their clients why they want something done. In listening more than talking, you can better accommodate what they are looking for. They deliver more than they promise, and always promise a lot! They invest their time in those things that positively affect their income and avoid spending time on those things that have no return. Great producers know how to spend time on activity that rings the register.

Don't waste your time on activity that can't tell you anything, or doesn't produce anything now or in the future. They are always seeking new, better and faster ways to increase their sales efforts. Be really concerned about time. They're willing to invest in networking, community and relationships, knowing that the difference between a contact and a contract is the "R" that stands for "Relationship. Don't look at it as an expense since you need to develop these relationships. So, go ahead and join the country club and give money to politicians.

In other words, be involved as much as you can. They're fanatical about selling. They don't depend on marketplace economies for their outcomes and instead rely on their actions. If you're great, you're going to do well in any economy, because you create your own economy. You run your own race and make something happen despite the environment. Surround themselves with overachievers and have little time for those who don't create opportunities.

These people are sometimes viewed as being uninterested in others, but the truth is that they're just not interested in low production. They don't want to waste time with people who can't get anything done. They never accept good enough as good enough. These people don't need anyone managing them. They push themselves. They don't see failed sales attempts as failures but as investments in the process.

If you don't close a business deal, don't think of it as a failed attempt. You should know that some attempts pay while others don't, but they're all investments in the business. They never give up on unsold clients, knowing that someday those clients will buy. Remember that you're growing your business, so if you experience a failed attempt, think of it as an opportunity for the future.

Great sales people are like magicians with time. They don't manage time, they create it and they make it work. They see problems as opportunities. When a problem comes along, see it as an opportunity. If you don't have any problems, it means you don't have any value. They invest in their education, development and personal motivation, knowing that these are the tools of a sales professional. You need to continue to invest in your game, much like a professional ballplayer is always practicing. They invest in their careers, their businesses and their customers.

I guess you can say they 'got out of the way.

Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way

This book is a must-read. This book challenges many of the older paradigms of selling and emphasizes the importance of keeping the focus on the customers and providing positive outcomes. In today's challenging market conditions, where the primary focus is on market share, this is a must-read. The principles in Karr's book are concise and illuminating. Follow his system and your sales organization will succeed in any market.

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An absolute must-read. Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way gives you the ultimate approach to giving added value to customers and creating value for yourself The seven traits are what's needed in today's world, and this book is an outstanding guide to becoming proficient in all of them. In today's sales world there's no room for followers. But there's plenty of room for leaders. Competition is intense, and if you don't take a leadership role in producing results for your clients, someone else will. In Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way, Ron Karr outlines a repeatable process based on the powerful idea that great sellers lead relationships in the same way that great leaders sell ideas.

No matter what you sell, you must communicate persuasively and effectively what it is you can offer clients. However, sales leaders do even more than that. They raise the bar by finding new opportunities and creating new levels of performance for their customers. They don't just sell products or services; they sell outcomes that transform a customer's world, and they assume personal responsibility for those outcomes. This customer-focused mindset is the key to Karr's proven leadership selling process. Based on decades of research with companies of all sizes, Karr reveals what great sellers do and shows how anyone can implement the same powerful principles.

He offers an in-depth exploration of the seven critical traits all sales leaders share. Today's top sales leaders:. Many sales leaders learn these principles through trial and error. This book helps you avoid the trial and error part and skip straight to the success part. Why learn the hard way when you can read this book, learn these principles, and start—today—selling more, faster, and at a higher profit? If you sell things for a living or manage people who sell, you face a stark choice that you had better get right—to Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way.

Choose wisely and sales success will be yours.

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RON KARR is a popular public speaker and in-demand business consultant known internationally as a business development expert. As President of Karr Associates, Inc. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. This customer-focused mindset is the key to Ron Karr's proven leadership selling process.

Using 20 years of research with companies of all sizes, Karr reveals what great sellers do, and shows how anyone can implement the same powerful principles. He reveals the seven critical traits of a sales leader, which include vision, customer focus, creative thinking, and accountability.

Developing the seven traits is the key that helps salespeople shift from a task-oriented sales process to a purpose-oriented process.

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When that happens, sales excellence results. Seller Inventory AAH More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Condition: New.