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Vimala Ramachandran is Director of the Educational Resourc Unit, Jaipur and Delhi, a research and consulting group which she established in She began her career teaching Indian politics and political philosophy at a women's college in Delhi University.

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This book highlights the complexities of gender and social equity in primary education in India. It makes an assessment of the District Primary Education Programme and supplements this with six qualitative micro-studies from different states for a more extensive analysis.

Gender Equality in Education

Read more Read less. Review The book is readable and providing appropriate academic and documentary references and offers all the recent recipes in the space of social equality in the context of access to primary education by gender. Evidence from Surguja District, Chhattisgarh. Learning from Kolar District, Karnataka. Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics.

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Preview this book. ISBN: As we get closer to daily lives, we better understand complex concepts of power, hegemony, difference, and equality. Large, complex social problems are played out in this mundaneness of daily life. While the macro perspective provides useful information, locating problems and solutions in larger social and economic structures, showing also the magnitude of the problem, such discussions are inadequate.

Revisiting gender equity: a case study

Multiple non-profits are working to help girls achieve an education. But others have been on the ground longer. Room to Read was founded in has been in India for years. Its efforts are focused into two main areas: building literacy and the habit of reading among primary school children, and empowering girls to complete secondary school and succeed beyond that. They offer programs to support girls both financially and emotionally, both in school and after graduation.

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The organization also builds new schools and provides training or supplementary materials to teachers; establishes and stocks libraries; and publishes books in the local language. Pratham has been working in India since Originally a collaboration between UNICEF and India, the organization quickly established a grassroots movement based on community spaces and volunteerism.

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It then expanded to help improve reading, writing and basic arithmetic skills of children between the ages of six and 14 through their flagship program, Read India, which has reached more than 2. So, there are solutions. But over the past decades literacy rates have increased and more girls in school. Someday, the biases and gender discrimination that is part of the daily life of girls in India today will only be taught in history classes.