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Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. No more banging your head against the wall. Stanley Quick Guides take the pain and frustration out of home repair. With this handy reference book, Easy Home Drywall Repairs, you will rapidly learn everything you need to know about drywall repair, starting with quick tips on tools, materials, taping, and sanding techniques.

Reliable, professional tips, and instruction for the most common drywall repairs. Author Myron Ferguson, a drywall contractor with over 30 years of experience, shows you everything from filling a small picture hanger hole to closing a window opening. For a complete listing of all the drywall repairs you can accomplish, check out the Table of Contents tab. Here's a quick look at a few of the repairs you can make The Stanley Quick Guide series offers authoritative, reliable, and concise DIY information empowering even the most unskilled homeowners to take on any home repair project with confidence.

Durable, spiral-bound, highly visual, easy-to-reference books.

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Simply flip open your laminated book to tackle home improvement projects like weather stripping doors and windows; replacing light fixtures; repairing faucets; and closing window openings. The projects vary from the simplest of tasks to the more complex guided by colorful how-to photographs throughout and no-nonsense, professional advice. In addition do Drywall, and its companion video, he is the author of numerous articles written for trade journals including Fine Homebuilding magazine, Walls and Ceilings, and Tools of the Trade.

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Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 7. Event Calendar Event List. The Van Show Homework Help. How are we doing? Rate this:. Easy Home Drywall Repairs is a concise, highly visual ready reference to the most common drywall repairs that homeowners might tackle. A drywall contractor with over 30 years' experience, Myron Ferguson shows everything from filling a small hole left by a picture hanger to closing off a window opening.

How To Cut Drywall With Just a Tape Measure and Utility Knife

With quick tips on tools, materials, taping and sanding techniques, this handy reference provides all you ever need to know to repair drywall. ISBN: Branch Call Number: You may want to consider this type of saw when you have a lot of cuts to make. For just a few cuts, a keyhole saw will work. They are not as common as they once were, but they can still be found and drywall supply stores. For most drywall hangers, the 'Drywall Router' has replaced the big drywall saw. Routers are also capable of making large cuts quickly.

When you have a round hole to cut, a drywall circle cutter is the tool of choice.

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A circle cutter is a compass of sorts. It has a center pin that is pushed into the drywall and a wheel that will score the paper. The wheel is attached to an adjustable shaft. Pipes, light boxes and can lights, all require that round holes be cut into the drywall. Yes you can draw the circle on the drywall and cut them out with a keyhole saw.

This tends to be a little time consuming and less accurate. You set the diameter on the drywall circle cutter to match the size of hole you want.

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You still have to cut the hole out with a keyhole saw, the circle cutter just makes laying it out quicker and easier. It also scribes the paper on the drywall, giving the saw a path to follow. They last a long time and would be considered a good investment for homeowners that are willing to tackle drywall projects.

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  7. How to repair a hole in drywall in a few simple steps — and the tools you need to do it.
  8. Most stores that sell drywall and drywall supplies will have this tool. Do you want to add some muscle to your drywall cutting tools? A drywall router would be just the thing. Routers have streamlined many of the cutting tasks for drywall. In addition, they have dramatically reduced the amount of lay out required to make cut outs. The main advantage to a drywall router is that it will follow the item that needs to be cut out accurately and neatly. You tack the sheet of drywall in place and then insert the router inside the area to be cut out.

    You move to the outside of the cut out and then follow the shape with the router. No question, this if very cool! There are some drawbacks. First, there is the router itself. It is not a standard router that you use for woodworking. It has a special sized collet for the drywall cutting bits. Second, they require some practice to use effectively.

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    You need to learn which way to go to follow an opening. Additionally, you have to learn how to get to the outside edge of items like electric boxes. Third, there is the mess. A drywall router creates a lot of dust. Drywall dust has the ability to get everywhere in a home very quickly. It is very fine dust and a chore to clean up. You can use a shop vac in conjunction with a router, but this is not a totally dust free solution and extra work.

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    • Easy Home Drywall Repairs!

    For a small project, this type of drywall cutting tool does not make a lot of sense. When you have a bigger project or ongoing projects, you may want to consider it.

    Here's what you need to repair a hole in drywall

    Remember you will need to practice a little, before you start using it. See the article ' How To Cut Drywall ', for some tips and tricks on using a drywall router. A drywall rasp is used to smooth the edges of the drywall once a cut is made.

    Easiest way to repair a drywall hole ever! Contractor tips- Diy tricks

    You cut drywall by scoring the paper and then 'breaking' or 'snapping' it. When you do this the gypsum core of the drywall breaks unevenly. The bumps in the gypsum can keep your panels from aligning properly. The solution to this problem is to smooth the edges.