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Gender and Social Movements. Bahati M. Black Politics Today. The Republicans, he said, have appealed to former guerilla soldiers whom the U. Xiong said he believes the Hmong electorate, while relatively small in numbers, could play an important role in the presidential election. Ramakrishnan noted that despite relatively high rates of poverty and low rates of educational attainment, the Hmong community has had a significant amount of political organizing and success over the years, including running people for local and state office.

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While surveys have shown Asian-American voters have typically lined up with Democrats on issues such as gun control and health care, pockets of the community have diverged on others such as affirmative action and data disaggregation , the process of breaking down data by ethnicity. Meng, who is the child of immigrants from Taiwan and who speaks Mandarin, said she has talked through some of these hot-button topics with members of the Chinese-American community.

Yet a survey in also revealed that Asian Americans had largely not been contacted by political parties and candidates. Ramakrishnan did say there was an uptick last year in voter contact compared to and , the result of competitive House contests in districts with significant Asian-American populations. Ramakrishnan added that in prior presidential elections, Asian Americans have been concentrated in states that are not competitive, such as California, New York and Texas, among others.

But Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in states such as Minnesota and Wisconsin have seen their populations grow in the last decade, in a swath of the country that could be a battleground again in the road to the White House. Climate in Crisis Politics U. Sections U. Follow NBC News. Breaking News Emails Get breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings.