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Melinon, X. Blase, A. San Miguel, A. Kumar, Elsevier, Amsterdam, vol. Structural and magnetic properties of CoPt mixed clusters Favre L. Exploration of the ultimate patterning potential of focused ion beams Gierak J. Structural transition in rare earth oxide clusters Nicolas D. Rare-earth-based nanoclusters embedded in sol-gel waveguiding thin films Pillonnet A. Exploration of the ultimate patterning potential achievable with focused ion beams Gierak J. Exploration of the ultimate patterning potential achievable with high resolution focused ion beams Gierak J.

Rare earth based clusters for nanoscale light source Masenelli B. Functionalizing surfaces with arrays of clusters: role of the defects Melinon P. Functionalized cluster-assembled magnetic nanostructures for applications to high integration-density devices Perez A. Mutual orientation of two C molecules: An ab initio study Tournus F. Over-coordination and order in hydrogenated nanostructured silicon thin films: their influence on strain and electronic properties Vignoli S. Exceptional ideal strength of carbon clathrates Blase X. Optical properties of copper clusters embedded in alumina: An experimental and theoretical study of size dependence Celep G.

Atomic, Molecular, Optical & Plasma Physics

Nanostructured thin films from mixed magnetic Co-Ag clusters Favre L. Correlation between the extraordinary Hall effect and resistivity Gerber A. Magnetic anisotropy in single clusters Jamet M. Nanostructured films from C n Si-m clusters Masenelli B.

Physics Letters A

Gold nanoparticle arrays on graphite surfaces Prevel B. Guest displacement in silicon clathrates Tournus F. Extraordinary Hall effect and X-ray photoemission studies of two dimensional films of magnetic nanoclusters Tuaillon-Combes J. Superconductivity in doped sp 3 semiconductors: The case of the clathrates Connetable D. A comparative theoretical study of the Peierls distortion in type-II alkaline-doped clathrates Libotte H. Si-C bond in cluster-based materials Masenelli B. Photodissociation and photoionization of sodium coated C clusters Pellarin M.

Extraordinary Hall effect in magnetic films Gerber A. Probing planar arrays of magnetic nano-particles by the extraordinary Hall effect Gerber A.

Ab initio study of Csilicon clusters Masenelli B. Si-C bonding in films prepared by heterofullerene deposition Melinon P. Coating and polymerization of C with carbon: A gas phase photodissociation study Pellarin M. Quantum-dot systems prepared by 2D organization of nanoclusters preformed in the gas phase on functionalized substrates Perez A. Vibrational modes in silicon clathrate compounds: A key to understanding superconductivity Reny E. Pressure stability and low compressibility of intercalated cagelike materials: The case of silicon clathrates San-Miguel A.

Temperature dependence of switching fields of single 3 nm cobalt nanoparticles Thirion C. A new class of low compressibility materials: Clathrates of silicon and related materials San Miguel A.

Publications - Professor Martin Plenio

Covalent clusters-based materials Melinon P. Comptes Rendus Physique, vol. Organizing nanoclusters on functionalized surfaces Bardotti L. Applied Surface Science, vol. PII S 02 Size and concentration effects in the optical properties of alloyed AuxAg1-x n and core-shell NixAg1-x n embedded clusters Gaudry A.

James Boedicker

Magnetic properties of an individual C-nanoparticle Jamet M. Magnetic anisotropy of a single cobalt nanocluster Jamet M. Magnetization reversal of a atoms cobalt cluster Jamet M. Nanostructured materials from clusters: Synthesis and properties Perez A. European Physical Journal D, vol.

Optical properties of nanostructured thin films containing noble metal clusters: Au-N, Au0.

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Scripta Materialia, vol. Interface magnetic anisotropy in cobalt clusters embedded in a platinum matrix Jamet M. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol. Optical properties of AuxAg1-x n clusters embedded in alumina: Evolution with size and stoichiometry Gaudry M. Deposition of Au-N clusters on Au surfaces. Experimental results and comparison with simulations Bardotti L.

Physical Review Letters. Garcia, H. Cell Reports. Biophysical Journal.

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Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. Detecting bacteria and determining their susceptibility to antibiotics by stochastic confinement in nanoliter droplets using plug-based microfluidics. Lab on a Chip. Kastrup, C. Spatial localization of bacteria controls coagulation of human blood by 'quorum acting'. Nature Chemical Biology. Kim, H. Defined spatial structure stabilizes a synthetic multispecies bacterial community. Li, L. Using a multijunction microfluidic device to inject substrate into an array of preformed plugs without cross-contamination: Comparing theory and experiments.