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Coverage includes ethnic differences for the Full Scale IQ and each primary index score, along with evidence of the profound influence of parental attitudes and expectations.

WISC V Assessment and Interpretation Scientist Practitioner Perspectives Practical Resources for the

Two chapters review use of the WISC-V for identifying learning disabilities, testing of individuals with dyslexia, and best-practice recommendations to ensure accurate diagnosis and intervention. Concluding chapters describe advances in the Q-interactive system platform allowing administration of the WISC-V on iPads and other tablets and how clinicians can tailor assessment using select WISC-V subtests and features.


Lawrence G. Weiss has presented widely on intelligence in more than a dozen countries.

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In addition, he has authored or coauthored approximately 30 journal articles, 12 technical reports, and 10 other book chapters. Donald H.

Don's research focuses on personality, intelligence, individual differences and psychological assessment. He has published more than journal articles, book chapters and books.

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  • Weiss , Donald H. Saklofske, and Lawrence G. Weiss, James A. Harris, Donald H. Llorente and Lawrence G.


    Weiss, Maria R. Saklofske, Lawrence G. Weiss, Kristina Breaux, and A. Shaywitz, Lawrence G.

    WISC-V Assessment and Interpretation: Scientist-Practitioner Perspectives

    Saklofske and Sally E. Miller, Donald H. Weiss, Lisa Drozdick, Antolin M. Llorente, James A. Holdnack, Aurelio Prifitera, Lawrence G.

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    Weiss, and Donald H. Avbryt Send e-post. WISC-V introduces new subtests, composite scores, process scores, error scores, and scaled scores as a more complex and accurate means of assessing cognitive abilities. Les mer.