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In the auction system the licenses were given to the highest bidders which sometimes turned out to be the minimum price as not always more parties than licenses participated.

In the 'beauty parade' contestants could be assigned a license based on qualitative criteria. In March , the Commission issued a Communication on the introduction of third generation mobile communications in the EU. The Communication provides an overview of the situation of the 3G sector today, analyses the major financial, technical and regulatory challenges associated with the roll-out of 3G networks and services and identifies options to support this process.

The Seville Council June took note of the Commission's report on the remaining barriers to the roll-out of 3rd generation mobile communications networks and services and called upon all relevant administrations to act to overcome difficulties encountered in the physical deployment of networks. It also invited the Commission to report back to the Copenhagen European Council December on this issue and on the remaining barriers to open platforms in digital television and third-generation mobile communications, on the development of eCommerce and eGovernment and on the role that electronic identification and authentification systems could play in this context.

The Mobile Wireless Communication Technology Journey – 0G, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G

This approach has led to great losses for the different telecommunication network operators, leading to a delay in the roll out of the necessary infrastructure and services. A further delay is being caused by a "wrangle of environmental laws" to set up the infrastructure. A regulatory initiative now would be "too little, too late".

Hardcover: pages; May 13, Paperback - pages 1st edition January Hardcover: pages 1st edition July 15, Hardcover - pages March Paperback - pages; August 27, Hardcover - pages 1st edition July Hardcover - pages 1st edition March 1, Paperback - pages, 1st edition May 17, Hardcover - pages 2nd edition February Hardcover - pages 1 edition July 26, Hardcover - pages July Paperback - pages; September 18, In W-CDMA interface different users can simultaneously transmit at different data rates and data rates can even vary in time.

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UMTS networks need to support all current second generation services and numerous new applications and services. Thus time slots in a physical channel are divided into transmission and reception part.

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A pair of frequency bands with specified separation is assigned for a connection. Since different regions have different frequency allocation schemes, the capability to operate in either FDD or TDD mode allows for efficient utilization of the available spectrum.

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Support of high data rate transmission: Kbps with wide area coverage, 2 Mbps with local coverage. High service flexibility: support of multiple parallel variable rate services on each connection. Built in support for future capacity and coverage enhancing technologies like adaptive antennas, advanced receiver structures and transmitter diversity.

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Support of inter frequency hand over and hand over to other systems, including hand over to GSM. Providing good in-building coverage plays an important role in attracting and retaining mobile subscribers.