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This'll be especially useful in large group chats, where conversations tend to get cluttered — and oftentimes confusing. Message replies work by pressing and holding a message. Tapping the Reply icon will attach a quoted version of the message to a reply. The feature also works when quoting GIFs, emojis, video messages, and photos. Just to be clear, quoting a message won't affect the entire thread, as it won't necessarily delete the original one.

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The message replies feature is just one of the recent updates for Messenger. Earlier this month, Facebook also rolled out a hidden dark mode for the messaging platform, which is activated by sending a crescent moon emoji to anyone in a user's contact list. In February, Facebook also added an unsend option to Messenger. A feature that was only previously available to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the unsend option lets users delete a message for everyone in a conversation, but only within 10 minutes after it was sent. These updates could be part of Facebook's plan to combine its family of apps, including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

The merger, which will unify the technical infrastructure of the aforementioned apps, will enable cross-platform messaging. The instant messaging service is available to anyone, whether they have a Facebook profile or not. When Messenger first became available for business pages , Facebook users could message page owners and the page owners could reply.

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Now, page owners can respond to anyone who has commented on their page, privately or publicly. The ability to direct message your audience is extremely powerful, especially since Facebook would rather have users stay on their platform rather than jumping over to email. Those people have an intimate relationship with Messenger.

This is how to change business relationships into personal ones. Globally, Facebook continues to roll out Messenger features designed to help businesses efficiently manage their communications. Mark Zuckerberg has said in the past that Facebook likes to wait until its products grow to one billion users before focusing on driving revenue. As the demand for more ad inventory increases, Facebook needs to remain nimble with its core products and offer additional ways for advertisers to reach their audiences.

Some of the biggest benefits to being able to private message your customers are related to social customer care. Answer questions about products or services. Prospects who are looking to make a purchase might want to ask you questions privately first. Encourage prospects to contact or message your business so you can give them the information they need to pull the trigger on their purchase.

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Have real-time conversations giving customer support. If customers are having an issue with their purchase, Messenger is an immediate way to assist them. You can also send customers order confirmations and shipping info , and invite them to check out related products. Messenger is also helpful when customers need to give you their private information to resolve an issue.

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Handle complaints. This is one of the top reasons Facebook introduced the ability to private message people who comment on your page. When you get negative comments from users, Messenger allows you to take the conversation offline on the same platform and defuse them pretty quickly. Select the option to allow messages to your page, and click Save Changes. To access them, go to Settings and then Messaging.

To set the response time for your page, go to Settings and Messaging. Your messages will remain off for 12 hours, but you can turn the feature back on sooner if you want. You can set Instant Replies to go to people the first time they message your page. This feature is located below Response Time under Messaging.

Write a message of up to characters , save it and then click Use Instant Replies to enable it.

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Want to keep ahead of your competitors? Need to master a social platform? Discover how to improve your social media marketing at Social Media Marketing World , brought to you by your friends at Social Media Examiner. Get in early for big discounts. Sale ends Tuesday, September 24th Writing messages ahead of time is a great time-saver that makes you look professional and efficient. It also helps you and anyone on your team easily and quickly reply to anyone who contacts your business. Also, if you find your business keeps answering the same questions over and over again, you can create form responses to personalize.

To use a saved reply , click the message you want to reply to and click on the dialog bubble at the bottom right. Then click a saved reply to add it to your message. To edit or create a saved reply , click on Manage Replies and then select a saved reply or click Create new reply.

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You can also add an image to your reply , such as your company logo or a product. Then click Personalize at the bottom. Facebook makes it easy to personalize your communications by displaying personal details of the people messaging you to the right of their message. Facebook links to their profile and tells you if the person has liked your page and when, any previous communication between you and where they work, went to school, live and are from.

Or maybe you have a friend who works at their company.