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Pages: 1—8. Pages: 9— Pages: 73— Pages: 89— Pages: — This book will be of great interest to linguists from fields including syntax, semantics, pragmatics, comparative linguistics, and also philosophers of language.

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Multidimensional Semantics of Evaluative Adverbs 26

Discours Revue de linguistique, psycholinguistique et informatique. B background backgrounding basic discourse units bilingualism brackets. C causal connectives causality Claim-Evidence classroom interaction clause combining clefts clitic left dislocation closest conjunct agreement co-occurrences co-speech gestures coding coding scheme cognition cognitive maturity coherence coherence relations cohesion collaborative achievement collective nouns collocational profiles commentaries commitment common ground comprehension computer mediated communication conceptual anaphora concessive markers conditionals connectives connector consequence constructivist and memory-based view context contrast contrastive study French-English contrastive study Greek-French conversation conversation analysis conversational chains coordination coreference coreferential expressions corpora corpus corpus linguistics corpus studies corpus-based correlation area cross-lingual study.

H headings Hesitation and Monitoring Phenomena host Hungarian. I identification of connectives idiomatic phrase idioms imperative implicit implicit prosody implicit stage topic IMRAD incidental indetermination indexical expressions indexical referring procedures inference informal interaction information packaging information structure information structuring informational status infra-text initial input processing in L2 insertion insertion in discourse intension inter-coder agreement inter-rater agreement interaction interactional convergence interactional linguistics interjection interleaved structures interpolated clause intonation intransitive verb introduction of a new utterance level introductory segment italian.

Multidimensional Semantics of Evaluative Adverbs

K kinship nouns. M macro-syntax macrostructure maintenant Mannoni marked order markedness marker of point of view marking of text organization media interaction metadiscursive marking metalinguistic awareness methodology micro-diachrony micro-syntax microstructure Middle French misinformation mixed transcortical aphasia modality modifying adverbs more or less settled judgment multi-party settings multi-word expressions multitasking multivariate analysis. N narrative narrative infinitive natural language processing new information and communication technologies newspaper genres nominal appositives nominal reference non-literal usage non-speaker-based predication norms nouns of emotion number.

Levels of Language for Discourse Analysis

O object complement object pronoun Old French on optimality theory oral oral corpus oral narratives oral paragraph overspecification.