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Health Alert: Juvenile arthritis treatment

I had never owned an electric blanket and was given one at a conference. It is one of the best things that has ever happened to my RA. OXO makes kitchen products designed with ease-of-use in mind. I have many of their products because they have grips and are easy to use and not painful on my hands.

Where to Find Tools That Make Life Easier with RA

Life is unpredictable, especially when you have a chronic illness. My favorite is Road ID. Cell phones are amazing pieces of technology, but it can get difficult to hold a phone if you have RA that affects your hands. A few solutions to this problem are unique holders that help you hold your phone, including PopSockets and iRing. They also allow you to prop up your phone so you can talk hands-free. Have you, like me, been tempted to throw the jar against the wall? These are pretty inexpensive, and an essential tool if you have RA and want to open jars. The Arthritis Foundation offers this handy Arthritis Index weather tool , based on a proprietary forecast by meteorologists at Accuweather.

By inputting your zip code into the tool, your local weather forecast will come up along with an arthritis index that will tell you what your joint pain will most likely be, based on the weather. It can be frustrating having to go to a pharmacy multiple times per month to pick up your medications. Especially if you live somewhere that gets very cold in the winter, it can be helpful not to have to worry about having to run out in the cold to pick up your prescriptions.

Practical items for day-to-day life

Pill Pack allows you to have your medications delivered to your door, prepackaged so that all of your pills are together for each time of day that you take medication. If you like the idea of having your medications packaged this way, but they change too often to make it worth it, you can also package them yourself using Pill Suite. ArthritisPower is an app created by CreakyJoints that not only allows you to track your RA symptoms, but also to make your data available for research.

That means you have a great way to track your symptoms, and you can also participate in research without having to leave your house or provide blood samples, or other information that might make people uncomfortable. Information on local support groups is available by visiting Arthritis Introspective.

Note that these groups in your local community should be free-of-charge. All have the potential to be helpful to people living with RA.

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Nucleus Health

If you think one of these tools, products, or services might be useful to you, check it out. And remember to share your own tips, tricks, and tools with those of us who have RA, too, whether on social media or at a support group.