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Link to Publisher's Website. An Introduction to Indian Philosophy.

Edited by Jonardon Ganeri

Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy. Cambridge, England:. Cambridge University Press. ISBN For other formats: Link to Publisher's Website.

An Introduction To Indian Philosophy by Satischandra Chatterjee

New York: Routledge, Her purpose for putting this book together is threefold. The first reason is to show Western readers that Indian philosophy is a discipline that is both intellectual and rigorous p.

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Second, Gupta desires to present each Indian philosophical system on its own terms and then subject it to criticism. Finally, she proposes to introduce students who have familiarity with Western philosophy to the basic concepts of Indian philosophy so that they may procure an understanding of the Indian mind p. Through her first point, that Indian philosophy should be understood to be intellectual and rigorous, Gupta immediately makes two things clear.


First, throughout the book, she will illumine some of the scholarly dialectic surrounding Indian philosophy. For example, a bit later in the book she highlights the debate surrounding the issue of reality in the Advaita system. Some scholars in the past, such as Indologist Paul Hacker, have argued that there is no basis for ethical action in an unreal world. Gupta clarifies that this is a misunderstanding of the Advaita distinction between real and empirical p.

Introduction to Indian Philosophy

The world is illusory but not unreal. Through this specific instance Gupta makes the reader aware of relevant scholarly conversations. All rights reserved.

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