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Let us give consideration to a sampling of passages, both from the Old Testament and the New Testament. Hear, O Israel: Jehovah our God is one Jehovah: and you shall love Jehovah your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might. And these words, which I command you this day, shall be upon your heart; and you shall teach them diligently unto your children, and shall talk of them when you are sitting in your house, and when you are walking by the way, and when you are lying down, and when you are rising up Deuteronomy The Old Testament is filled with references to the close relationship between parents and children.

Alfred Edersheim, a noted scholar of Israelite culture, has observed that the Hebrews had nine different words which reflected various stages of growth in the maturation process, and that these pictorial designations indicate how keenly child-life was observed by Jewish parents. Influencing their youngsters to walk with God was a major priority among the Israelites during their periods of faithfulness.

There doubtless is some truth in this. The admonition implies they are able to do this. This challenging passage asserts unequivocally that fathers have the ability to influence their children—for better or worse. Professor Nigel Turner points out that Plato used the word to describe the process of guiding children toward principles which are right—as judged by the law, and the experience of good and older people.

To contend, as Ms. One can only imagine what sort of society would prevail if this philosophy were pursued universally! Bertram makes a powerful point when he calls attention to the fact that in Ephesians , it is actually the Lord who provides the nurturing; the Christian parent is merely the instrument through whom this task is to be accomplished. While we do not want to minimize the sacred duty parents have to influence their children toward serving the Lord, to be balanced we must direct attention to a couple of mitigating factors.

The Scriptures teach that every individual has personal volition, i. It is possible for a child to be trained correctly, and then, at some point, turn from that instruction and influence to pursue a life totally adverse to all he has been taught. Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for Jehovah has spoken: I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me Isaiah Rebels are like the poor, we will always have them with us.

Proper education involves molding the child so that when he is mature enough to make his own decisions, he will want to make the proper ones. The reality of peer pressure cannot be denied. And so, by default, when there develops an expanded distance between parents and children, the latter more likely will be shaped by the impact of their peers. Everyone is influenced by someone.

Unfortunately, our increasingly modernized world has resulted in a widening gap between parents and children. Historically, several social factors have contributed to this state of affairs. First, there was a time, not terribly long ago, when American culture was largely agrarian. Parents and frequently even grandparents were closely associated with their offspring for long hours of the day. Parental influence was almost constant.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, fathers began to leave the rural domain for work in the cities. Mothers had to assume more of the domestic responsibility; accordingly, their time was consumed increasingly by material matters. Second, two world wars, along with other embattlements, took fathers away from their families. As a consequence, many mothers went into the factories to help support their children. Again, from the very nature of the circumstances, children suffered an accelerated deprivation of parental influence.

As a result, at least in part, of these major historical developments, the following societal conditions have evolved. Some of these may, or may not, be beyond the control of the parents. That is not my place to judge. Each person must attempt to look honestly at his or her own circumstances. Many fathers are working long hours to meet their material needs. Due to the expense of city living, families have tended to move to more rural areas. Some men are commuting two to four hours a day, back and forth to their jobs. They leave before daylight and arrive home after dark.

They scarcely see their children except for a few hours on the weekend. Fathers frequently work at two jobs. Many forms of employment take them on the road so that they are gone from home days on end. More and more, the father has less contact with his family. More than half of all married women now work outside the home.

This means, especially for young children, that they have neither the influence of a mother nor father during most of the day. They are with baby-sitters, in day-care centers, deposited with a relative, at school, etc. Children, therefore, are exposed to parental associations only briefly—in the rushed hours of early morning, or in the weary moments of evening. It hardly needs to be emphasized that this is not an ideal environment for Christian influence. As indicated above, many of our children are in public schools for some six or more hours each day.

Hundreds of teachers, under the heavy influence of the National Education Association, are desperately struggling to influence our children with ideologies that are alien to biblical truth, e. What do you suppose the teacher will do, who takes this concept seriously, and who believes that Bible-teaching is a detriment to healthy education? Additionally, I would remind you of this. The public education system is not only a liability because of its influence in terms of secular humanism, it is lacking in what it does not teach.

The Destiny of Our Children: Nature or Nurture? : Christian Courier

In the final analysis, all education needs to be within the framework of theology. No body of knowledge is complete without a consideration of the Creator and his purpose for humanity. Even when children are at home, and at least one parent is available, there may be little interaction.

Recent studies have shown that children spend three to five hours a day watching television. And television influences children mightily. For example, studies on television-viewing reveal that the amount of violence on TV is increasing. Viewing violent programs can make children afraid, worried, or suspicious, and may increase tendencies toward aggressive behavior. Parents should keep in mind that television often portrays sexual behavior and the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs in inviting terms. Add to their television ogling the hours many of them spend playing video games.

They have neither the time nor the interest for parental distractions! They may find mom and dad a bit boring. Another factor that cannot be overlooked in a discussion concerning the decline of parental influence, is the matter of divorce. Divorce has reached epidemic proportions in America. In , there were three divorces for every one thousand married couples. By way of glaring contrast, in while roughly 2.

In earlier times, married people frequently subordinated their personal interests and remained together for the welfare of their children. Now, says Dr. This wanton practice of dismantling homes, without question, is having a deleterious effect upon children—driving them, in many instances, to look for security elsewhere. A half-century or so ago, organized recreation was something children did occasionally—perhaps a few hours on the weekend.

Now youngsters are scurrying everywhere for baseball, soccer, basketball, football, etc. They are scarcely finished with one sport until it is time for the next one to begin. Who has time for family any more? Another element that figures significantly in the effectiveness of parental influence is whether or not dad and mom set an example that is consistent with what they teach. Children learn with their eyes quicker than with their ears.

When only one parent was zealous, seventy-three percent remained loyal. And shockingly, in cases where both parents worshiped only infrequently, the percentage of their children who maintained their faith was only six percent. Finally, we arrive at a sobering conclusion. Judith Harris is wrong in her theory; and yet, in a measure, she is right. She is wrong in her contention that the evolutionary impulses from an animalistic background have forced us to be directed by peers more than by parents.

But the fact is, we have drifted farther and farther from what God, who designed the home, intended the family to be. We could , however, with some conscientious self-discipline, drastically reform some of our social habits. We could spend considerably more quality time with our children. There will be serious withdrawal pains. But, in the final analysis, our children will be the big winners.

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How To Be A Christian Dad - 3 Principles For Christian Fathers

By Wayne Jackson. During the group's two year hiatus, Williams released her debut solo album Heart to Yours which topped the US gospel album chart and became the best-selling gospel release of the year. After Destiny's Child's disbanded in , Williams released her first pop album, Unexpected , [5] which spawned the internationally charting single " We Break the Dawn " and the US Dance number-one " The Greatest ". Williams was born in Rockford, Illinois in Paul Church of God in Christ.

Williams graduated from Rockford Auburn High School in Shortly after graduating, she pursued a degree in criminal justice at Illinois State University , doubtful of her ability to make a career as a professional singer. However, after two years of college, she left to pursue a music career, as a backing vocalist for other artists such as Monica.

After the much-publicized turmoil, Williams, alongside backup dancer Farrah Franklin —officially joined the group in early , replacing LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson without notice. Buoyed by the group's breakout success, Luckett and Roberson had both attempted to split with the group's manager in late s, claiming that he kept a disproportionate share of the band's profits and unfairly favored Knowles and Rowland.

Franklin attributed her departure to negative vibes in the group resulting from the strife. It became their best-charting single yet, topping the official US singles chart for eleven consecutive weeks; [22] the success cemented the new lineup and skyrocketed them to fame. In May , Destiny's Child released the group's third studio album Survivor. It debuted at number one on the US Billboard with sales of , copies. After releasing their holiday album, 8 Days of Christmas , the group announced their temporary break-up to pursue solo projects.

While Williams was still with Destiny's Child, she intensified work on her debut solo album Heart to Yours. The album material included collaborations with singers Carl Thomas , Shirley Caesar and the Mary Mary duo, taking the singer's work further into urban contemporary gospel and Christian music. I wanted to do it because it's in me.

It's in my heart.

Here are 21 dad quotes to express love and appreciation.

During the release of her fellow Destiny's Child members' debut albums, Williams spent time in the studio, recording her second album. After a three-year hiatus, Destiny's Child reunited for Destiny Fulfilled , released in November And Lovin' It world tour, which started in April to September of the same year. On the Barcelona , Spain visit, the group announced their disbandment after their final North American leg would end.

They were also recognized as the world's best-selling female group of all time. Williams described the opportunity as "a dream come true", [54] playing the part of blues singer Shug Avery , which earned her positive reception. Meanwhile, " Hello Heartbreak " was catered to dance clubs.

It's just that, right now I'm ready to try something different and to get my name and face out there in a different way. In , Williams confirmed in a video blog that she and a production team were putting the finishing touches on a remix version of the album due for release in North America and Asia. She also said that some of the new remixes could also be released as part of the UK re-issue.


As of April the album has sold 34, copies in the United States. On July 13, Williams began a limited six-week engagement at the Cambridge Theatre in Chicago , making her the first African-American to be cast in the West End production of the musical. I hope that everyone who comes to the show enjoys it as much as I do, Michelle is a prime example of an all-round entertainer, she has enjoyed many successes as a music artist and now theater goers are going to experience her far reaching talents once again" whilst Williams is quoted as saying, "It's a real thrill to be given the opportunity to play Roxie Hart in the West End's spectacular production of 'Chicago'.

Michelle Williams [80] [81] [82]. Williams was scheduled to play her final performance on Sunday, March 28, , but played an additional 18 performances through Tuesday, April 13, prior to joining the Los Angeles engagement of the Chicago national tour, Tuesday, April 20 through Sunday, May 9 at the Pantages Theatre. In addition to being a fantastic performer, she's as delightful and genuine offstage as she is onstage. We're thrilled that she's not only able to extend her Broadway run, but to join our national tour for its third return engagement in Los Angeles.

In August , it was reported that Williams would be participating on season 8 of the British television dance competition show Strictly Come Dancing the originator of the global Dancing with the Stars franchise. Williams was eliminated on November Williams stated on her Twitter account multiple times that she would release a new album in Summer is described as "the envy of all her friends.

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Big house. Successful husband. It's the perfect life But with her husband's demanding career, the other side of her bed is too cold too often. When a handsome young foreman is hired to work on their home, the spark she's been missing quickly rages into a wildfire that could cost her everything. Describing the sound of the album, Williams stated "My album will be 'inspirational pop". Furthermore, she revealed the sound of her upcoming album would include more "live instrumentation", inspired by the gospel music she "grew up" on.

On June 7, , it was announced that Williams had been signed to Light Records and was due to release her fourth studio album in Rowland and Williams then exited the stage and Knowles ended her performance. The single signalled her return to inspirational music and also peaked at number five on the US Hot Singles Sales chart. Louis venue August 8— She played the role previously during the original Broadway run. The show announced closure had been moved up to January 6, , and Williams left the production in December on undisclosed doctors' orders.

Williams can be identified as a soprano. Williams has earned an array of awards and honors as a solo artist and as member of Destiny's Child. Billboard ranked Williams as the fifth Top Gospel Artist of due to the success of her debut release Heart to Yours which was one of the best-selling gospel releases of the year.

Williams reportedly began dating pastor and professional sports chaplain Chad Johnson in July Williams and Johnson announced their engagement via People on April 19, Paul Church of God in Christ in Rockford, Illinois — of which she has been a member since birth — to finish construction of the church's school, St.

Paul Academy. The church is pastored by her uncle, Bishop James E. In , music producer David Foster , his daughter Amy Foster-Gillies , and Knowles wrote " Stand Up for Love ", which would serve as the anthem of World Children's Day , an event which takes place annually around the world on November 20 to raise awareness and funds for children's causes worldwide. Destiny's Child lent their voices and support as global ambassadors for the World Children's Day program. In speaking of her role she said "I am honored to partner with the campaign [ I am bringing awareness to people so that strokes can be prevented.

Let's take care of ourselves…the first step is knowledge about your health. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the singer. For the actress, see Michelle Williams actress. American musician. Main articles: Destiny's Child and Heart to Yours. Main article: Unexpected Michelle Williams album. From my time in Destiny's Child to my solo career, I am grateful for everything Mathew and his team has done for me. We've shared great success together. However, as I move in a new direction in my career, I felt it was time. Main article: Journey to Freedom album. See also: List of awards and nominations received by Michelle Williams.

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