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Next Previous. Good to Know. Packaging Formats. Bulk From American cases to big boxes Foodservice TBC Retail 6g - g pillow bags, high film protection to moisture and sunlight, packed into shelf ready cases or American cases, printed packaging available, MOQ; 20, sachets. Related Products. Following Telltale's sudden closure in the midst of releasing The Walking Dead: The Final Season , Kirkman acquired the game's assets and brought some of the Telltale staff on to finish the season within his company Skybound Entertainment , as he felt it was necessary to give closure to Clementine's story.


Clementine first appeared in the episodic video game The Walking Dead. According to the game's creative lead Sean Vanaman , Clementine was "literally the first idea" for developing the game, with her emotional climax at the finale of the fifth episode being established before any of the game's other dialogue was written. This led to changing Clementine's race to give her the appearance of possibly being Lee's daughter to other characters. Clementine's design was based on art director Derek Sakai's own daughter.

Sakai described her as having "a crazy sense of fashion", selecting beloved clothing items to wear regularly. As such, Clementine was given an iconic baseball hat that serves as her connection to her parents. At the start of the game, Clementine is wearing a clean white dress, but it becomes dirty and soiled throughout the game, "reflecting her loss of innocence", according to Sakai.

Melissa Hutchison , a voice actress that had previously worked on other Telltale games, was selected to be the voice for Clementine. The bond between Clementine and Lee was considered instrumental to the game by Telltale. Pink commented that the in-game decisions were not meant to be good because there couldn't be an optimal play-through. Clementine made those decisions even more difficult, since her presence forces the player to consider protecting her on another level. There's no wrong choice, if you can justify it and it feels properly motivated to you, it's a valid choice.

With the game's second season, Clementine becomes the playable character, a choice that allowed them to continue the themes of the first season while introducing new characters and situations for the second. One method this was resolved by was to create the first scenario of the game to put the player in control of Clementine's actions that have disastrous results the death of one character and being separated from another as to make the player felt as if they had made those choices and separating them from familiar characters.

Further, they had to consider how to present Clementine as a character that could make substantial changes on the world and characters around her despite being a child. As they were in the midst of developing and releasing this season, the studio suffered from a major financial crisis, forcing them to lay off nearly all of their staff and shutter existing projects. On this news, Robert Kirkman and others at Skybound Entertainment considered how they could finish the game, as Kirkman felt it was necessary to complete Clementine's story.

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Skybound brought in a portion of the former Telltale staff that had been working on The Final Season to complete the remaining episodes. Clementine is introduced when the player-protagonist Lee Everett takes shelter in her suburban home in Georgia to find refuge from zombies referred to in-universe as walkers. She is revealed to be hiding from the walkers alone in a tree house as her parents had left for Savannah some time before the apocalypse.

Recognizing that Clementine would remain in danger, Lee offers to take and protect her, hoping that they will be able to find her parents. They eventually join a small group of survivors, which include Kenny, his wife Katjaa and his son Kenny "Duck" Jr. Following several weeks struggling to survive, the survivors decide to head to Savannah , believing that if they can find a boat, they can find safety away from the mainland. En route, Kenny and Lee are forced to euthanize Duck or leave him to re-animate after he is bitten by a walker, causing Katjaa to kill herself. Lee starts to help Clementine learn survival skills such as how to use a gun and why she needs to keep her hair short.

As they near Savannah, Clementine's walkie-talkie goes off, and an unknown man tells her to come to meet him at the hotel downtown, the same hotel her parents would have been at. The survivors meet other people still alive in Savannah and eventually they find a boat. The group prepares to leave but Clementine and the boat go missing, and Lee in his haste to find her is bitten by a walker. Lee convinces the remaining survivors, including Kenny and friends Omid and Christa, to help locate Clementine.

Kenny is lost during an attack by walkers, while Lee ends up separated from Omid and Christa.

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  • Lee goes to the hotel to find Clementine held hostage by a man who blames Lee for his family's death. They work together to kill the man and escape. Lee covers Clementine and himself in walker guts to mask their scent and as they walk through a horde they find Clementine's parents, both turned. Lee passes out and Clementine drags him into a nearby shelter.

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    Knowing he is about to turn into a walker, Lee gives Clementine some last pieces of advice and tells her to meet Omid and Christa. He then asks her to kill him or leave him a choice left to the player. Later, Clementine has safely left the city, and she sees two figures on the horizon who notice her. Season Two starts some months after the end of the first season.

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    Clementine has been able to regroup with Omid and Christa, but her carelessness at a rest stop causes Omid to be killed by a scavenger. Sixteen months later, she and Christa are separated by another scavenger attack, and she eventually stumbles onto another group of survivors, demonstrating her value and ingenuity to them.

    She learns this group is being tracked by a man named William Carver, who believes that one member of the group, Rebecca, is carrying his child, though Rebecca's husband Alvin denies his claim. The cabin survivors move north, hoping to reach the rumored safe place called Wellington.

    They find a ski lodge inhabited by another group, where Clementine is surprised to find Kenny alive, his escape left unexplained. During a walker attack, the combined groups are saved by the sudden appearance of Carver and his minions, who take the survivors as their prisoners to a well-fortified department store.

    Clementine and the others are put to work in exchange for their safety, and when they try to escape Carver brutally bludgeons Kenny as punishment.

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    Seeing Carver's ruthlessness leads three other survivors, Jane, Mike, and Bonnie, to join their group in plotting an escape before the store is overrun by a mass of walkers. Clementine is instrumental in their escape, and Kenny kills Carver. As they flee, Kenny's girlfriend Sarita is bit by a walker, and Clementine or Kenny euthanize her. When they regroup, Kenny is distraught and refuses to talk to anyone, but Clementine is able to break him out of his emotional depression, so as to help Rebecca give birth to her baby, which is later named Alvin Jr.

    Jane takes interest in Clementine, and like Lee before, helps to teach her some survival skills including understanding that she cannot save everyone.

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    After another walker attack, the group continues northward despite Rebecca's worsening health. They are ambushed by a group of Russian immigrants led by Arvo, leading to a Mexican standoff. Clementine sees that Rebecca has succumbed to exhaustion and blood loss from the birth, has died but is now re-animating as a walker, and she or Kenny are forced to shoot her to save AJ.

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